JOiNS is a Platform which focusing supports organizations specially help human resources department to manage recruitment process. It Keep candidate profile in the system (Paperless) which easy to lookup. It very convenience with automate updating job vacancy through company website after the workforce requests are approved. Saving time consuming by automate assessment with a Performance Analytics Function. And share real-time comments with interviewers. Also do not waste time monitoring with online examination with countdown system. Protect your data on the high secure authorization. Most trendy work from home support saving time for travelling to interview.


Job Open

Create requests to add employees.

Post job vacancies.

Apply for jobs online.


Manage appointments for interview participants.

Allocate the board

Take the exams online.

Rate exams and interviews.

Track the job application status of job applicants.

Generate a summary of scores in the form of analytical graphs that help in evaluation and send them via e-mail.

New Staffs

Prepare the procedure for the designated employees.

Automatically assign tasks to responsible people based on their position.

Change the responsible person.

Check the procedure and pass it on to the responsible person.

Track the process status of each position.