Fraud Management

end-to-end fraud detection and prevention solution supports multiple channels and lines of business, enabling enterprise-wide monitoring from a single platform. The solution simplifies data integration, enabling you to combine all internal, external and third-party data to create a better predictive model tuned to your organization's needs. Bringing together this data on a single technology platform gives you the flexibility to scale up or out as your business changes, and respond faster to new threats as they arise.

Stay on top of shifting tactics and new fraud schemes. Embedded machine learning methods detect and adapt to changing behavior patterns, resulting in more effective, robust models. Key technology components let you easily spot anomalies for each customer. In-memory processing delivers high-throughput, low-latency response times – even in high-volume environments – enabling you to score 100% of transactions in real time. Our patented signature-based approach captures customer behavior data from multiple sources and analyzes it for patterns and inconsistencies every time a transaction is processed.